BTTHG Cover Beelzebubís Tales to His Grandson was first set down by G.I. Gurdjieff in Russian; however, for many years, the work was available in translation only Ė first in English, German and French, and then in several other languages.

The first authorized Russian-language publication, which appeared in 2000 (Traditional Studies Press), was prepared from several manuscripts by an international team of editors working under the direction of Michel de Salzmann.

Since then, Dolmen Meadow Editions, on behalf of Triangle Editions and in collaboration with Moscow publisher Ripol Classic Publishing Group, has produced a fully revised edition of this publication. The editors have standardized the punctuation, grammar and spelling for the new edition, while ensuring that the contents remain faithful to the original text.

This revised Russian-language edition of Beelzebubís Tales to His Grandson is now available from Ripol as well as from Dolmen Meadow Editions.


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