The Music of Gurdjieff/de Hartmann, a set of 4 LP vinyl records
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Played by Thomas de Hartmann
from the liner notes:

        In Gurdjieff’s view, music like other traditional sciences must above all serve to lead humanity toward awakening. Most of the music we listen to, however, is “subjective.” Not only does it flow from the composer’s subjective state but it affects each listener according to the subjective state in which he happens to be. Infinitely rarer is “objective” music which requires an objective knowledge of human nature, most specifically of the function and properties of feeling and how feeling is affected by the specific “qualities” of each vibration. Objective music affects all people in the same way. It not only touches the feelings but transforms them, bringing the listener to a unified or “harmonious” state within himself and thus to a new relation with the universe which is itself a field of vibrations. According to Gurdjieff, the seven-note musical scale expresses a fundamental cosmic law, the “Law of Octaves” which governs the development of vibrations, the flow of energy, in all phenomena in the universe.

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