Inside a Question
Henriette Lannes
two excerpts:

     When I heard the ideas I was dumbfounded. I could not get them out of my mind. They haunted me day and night.
     I was still in this state of shock when I was brought in front of Mr. Gurdjieff himself. I stood there totally bewildered. I was struck by the impact of his force, very quiet, calm and controlled, yet almost frightening; but more than anything by the degree of his total presence, a presence which I felt extended to the tips of his fingers. It gave meaning to all his movements, which seemed much more alive than ours. As alive of those of a cat or a tiger. I also felt very strongly his vast generosity – a generosity which I would call superhuman.


     Now I wish to tell you that if you do not go deeper into attention, you will achieve neither your inside nor your outside aim. I had from Mr. Gurdjieff that in all we do, we must have an inside and an outside aim. Something that we do in life without an inside aim will never sustain our Work and the two aims must help one another. I trust our people to take that seriously, to really try to bring in their ordinary work some relationship with what they try to be. If they achieve it, then I am sure that something of quite a different order would be possible.

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