Page Correlation Tables
Page correlation tables have been prepared by our team to facilitate the use of the Guide and Index with editions of Beelzebub’s Tales in various languages. These tables provide correspondences between the page numbers of the first (1950) English edition with those of the other language editions as well as with the 1992 English edition. The tables are accurate only within one page. They are useful for anyone who wishes to compare different editions of the text.

The “Page Correlation Tables” are downloadable as Adobe Acrobat pdf files. The pdf files may be read by the Adobe Acrobat Reader which is free and can itself be downloaded using this link. Once you have downloaded and installed the Adobe Acrobat Reader, you must “tell” your browser where it is located on your computer so that the pdf files will open automatically when you click on them. Adobe pdf files have been used so that the columnar formatting is preserved and the tables can be printed for ease of use.